Plants do so much better
when humans listen to them.

Sponsor a walk at your home or business, woodlands to fields to gardens to back yards or side walks.
NOTICE: teachers and educators, there is a program in place for youths, see contact for more info.

Through sponsorship:
You become part of a growing network of people whom have allegiance to, and are in service of
Earth, plants, trees, fungi, etc. Its a way life AND its our responsibility.
Come find out who they are, how to's, why and when.

Techniques in plant understandings with everyday practical applications. Learn to re-ignite a dialogue with Nature and plants that we once all shared. You get to explore this through outdoor hands-on experiences in plant and tree I.D., Forest Bathing techniques, Music of the Plants resonances, healing Chladni formations (sacred plant geometry) and listening to traditional peoples plant way of life and plant stories. All become a reality with revered solid empirical data of both the past and now.

Take Home Skills:
Plant identification, harvesting less than we need, traditional herbal crafting, wellness through the seasons, befriending trees, listening to plants for information, weeds for dense nutrition and how to grow weeds, sustainable practices, understanding and applying sacred plant geometry and developing plant allies and hearing their song. Hand outs, educational tools all through electronic mail. Little to no paper is used.