Who will tell us the origin stories?
Plants will, if we listen.

Sponsor a walk at your home or business, woodlands, fields, back yards, side walks; urban or rural. Its time.
Note to teachers and educators we have a children's program in place, contact Marguerite for planning a walk.

Through sponsorship ...
You become part of a growing network of people who have allegiance to and are in service of
Earth, plants, microbes, all of Nature. Its a way life AND the only way as we are - that Nature.

"Nature is the essence of consciousness, it is the canvass on which creation appears. We are the expression of (that) consciousness within the field of Nature - the plants, the animals, the Earth and the Universe ... are all an expression of consciousness. THIS is what makes us one. We (all) share the same energy and the same origin, and we are THAT" 
- Rupert Spira

Develop ...
Learn techniques in plant care to listening to the voice of Nature that re-ignites our ancestral memory to be able to dialogue with Earths field for greater understanding and every day applications. This is explored through outdoor hands-on experiences in plant and tree I.D., Forest Bathing techniques, Music of the Plants resonances and listening to traditional peoples way of life and plant stories. All unfolds with the marrying of empirical data both of which is of the past (indigenous evidenced based science) and the present (scientific data).

Take Home Skills ...
Plant, tree and mushroom identification; traditional herbal virtues for health and wellness through the seasons; befriending trees to develop tree bonds for human emotional wellness and tree stability, techniques for being a citizen scientists, Blue Zone living, and how to work for Nature. Deepening your observational skills to look for clues to better understand plant and tree needs; to invasive plants nutrition, sustainable practices and the development of plant and tree allies.