Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower - Plant Pioneer Partner

Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower - Plant Pioneer Partner


Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, is a licensed R.N., traditionally trained Herbalist, Plant Pioneer Ambassador and Wild Foods Forager, who guides groups through gardens, fields, and urban streets to identify weed plants in their healing properties. Her philosophy is - bring people to these experiences, in essence will help the environment in as many ways as there are people. She says, “There is a global investigation to discover the realm of plants. If each person can embrace even a minimal relationship with the environment and its plant life, they will eventually embrace how to better treat the world they live in. This is life and only purpose."

Through the lens of outdoor discovery, plant identification, and wild food security, participants glimpse the fascinating and mysterious generative forces of our plant world. From plants delicate constituents to the crafts humans have imbued onto them, each person realizes profound and meaningful earth giving relationships. A central dialogue that is often fleshed out in each workshop, through questioning and demonstration are: what does it mean to have a reciprocal human-plant relationship, how do we give back to plants, and what’s of this necessity?

Beginner and Advanced Workshops:
Approach human-plant reciprocity through learning to honor, harvest and listen to the subtle impressions a plant holds. As original cultures have done before, we can do again and this is where Music of the Plants (a Federations of Damanhur initiative), Cymatics and its sacred geometric meta-formations helps one better apply to today's life, our past human nature with plants.

Marguerite was a Medical-Surgical and a Public Health nurse for 20 yrs.
She now consults as an Herbalist at a progressive Western Medicine health clinic in upstate New York.
Herbal training through the Woodland Essence School of Herbal Medicine with teacher and mentor Kate Gilday.

Founded Weeds, Leaves, Seeds & Shoots:
In January 2011.

Co-Founded & is Director of Plant Pioneers:
In October 2016 she co-founded and is director of, the human-plant relations movement, Plant Pioneers. With 12 other green hearts (founders) we are tirelessly dedicated to the alternative and holistic research for the liberation of our mutual relationship with the Natural world and as well as to support and give a voice to the plant kingdom.

Active Memberships:
Society of Plant Signaling Behavior, Farm Catskill, United Plant Savers, Northeast Herb Association.

Custom & Previous Workshops and Engagements:
New England Womens Herbal Conference,  International Herb Symposium, Catskill Forest Association, The Cooperstown Farmers Museum, Whole Village - Caledon, Canada, Georgian Court University, New Jersey, The Catskill Center and numerous other business and residential Northeast locations.

In Development:
Comprehensive book, "Weeds for Wellness - the Next Generation". A 400 page plant I.D. book, wellness strategies, 130 Northeast weed plants and 200 wild recipes.

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