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Foraging Walks in All Four Seasons

*Our vast human Nature is hearing the call to investigate, explore and discover the realm of plants in our quest for living and whole wellness which includes the wellness of Earth Gaia.

*Since 2007 I personally have been called to lead plant I.D. workshops to rural and urban residents - every day people - not just those interested in studying Herbalism.

*The call for me to do this was so compelling I could not ignore its frequency. Its so that we may [all] be empowered by the hand that feeds us and return to a mutual Earth giving and living way.

*As a traditionally trained Herbalist, a NYS Licensed R.N. and a Plant Pioneers Partner and Director, the focus of my workshops are to grant you the skills, tools and knowledge to not only have an immediate wild foods awareness, respect and reciprocity experience,  but to also know you have food security not far from your door, whether you live in the city or country.

*There are further study options, in life skills herbal studies program - Earth School Herbal Apprenticeship. Contact Marguerite: 3moonsisters@gmail.com for more info.

A day workshop outside will give you:
- a working knowledge for Nature, in the-mutual-way
- wild foraging basic's and skills
- listening skills to the voice of Nature and the
     intelligent landscape, that still resides in us
- hands-on herbal medicine crafts and recipes
- First Nations peoples ways to live by
- deepening observational skills
- plant, mushroom and tree I.D.
- plant, mushroom and tree allies
- Forest Bathing, Flower Gazing, Earthing, & Reciprocal Breathing Techniques
- Music of the Plants, Inter-species Collaborations, Healing Cymatic Formations
- empirical and evidenced based .... but always Nature oriented
- become a Plant Pioneer (www.PlantPioneers.org) partner,
   volunteer, sponsor.