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Foraging Walks in All Four Seasons

*Our human Nature is hearing the call to investigate, explore and discover the realm of plants. In our quest for whole living, we mutually employ wellness skills and activities for the Earth.

*Since 2007, I had been called to lead plant I.D. workshops to rural and urban residents - every day people - not to just those interested in studying Herbalism. The call for me to do this was so compelling I could not ignore its frequency.

*All workshops are outdoors where we walk or gently hike the wonders of Delaware County, the Catskills to the Adirondacks of New York. Or, on your land whether here in the northeast or in Canada. My field trips are designed to grant you the powers of observation and wake-up your inner ancient knowing of flora and fungi. Have an immediate wild foraging awareness and at the same time, implement the respect and reciprocity we need to have for Nature.

*Whether you live an urban or rural life, be empowered by the hand that feeds you. Have food security just one workshop. Leave with skills forharvesting not far from your door.

*My history: traditionally trained veteran Herbalist, NYS Licensed R.N. and a Plant Pioneers Partner who is also its Founding Member and Director, a subsidiary Alternative and Holistic Agri-Research and Agri-Educational company of Weeds, Leaves, Seeds & Shoots.

- a working knowledge for Nature, in the-mutual-way
- wild foraging basic's and skills
- herbalism for every day people
- harvest, preparation, preserving, storage,
- listening skills with the intelligent landscape
- hands-on herbal medicine crafts and recipes
- First Nations peoples ways to live by
- deepening observational skills
- plant, mushroom and tree I.D.
- plant and mushroom and tree allies, who are they
- mutual earth living
- Forest Bathing, Flower Gazing, Earthing, & Reciprocal Breathing Techniques
- Music of the Plants, Inter-species Collaborations, Healing Cymatic Formations
- empirical and evidenced based .... but always Nature oriented
- become a Plant Pioneer (www.PlantPioneers.org) partner,
   volunteer, sponsor.

*Other study options: homesteading life skills, herbal studies, herbal crafting program - Earth School Herbal Apprenticeship. Contact Marguerite: 3moonsisters@gmail.com for more info.