Thursday, March 30th
6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
43355 Rt. 28
Arkville, NY
To Register: 1-845-586-2611
Fee: $20.00 per person

The Multifaceted Healing Ways of Plants and Trees

Join Marguerite R.N., Herbalist and Wild Foods Forager for a 2 hour lecture and a power point presentation evening that includes a wild local food and drink tasting; and electronic handout with recipes incl.

As a Plant Pioneer Ambassador, Marguerite share’s on two disciplines in plant science – indigenous and empirical evidence. Hear about the multifaceted healing ways of our lowly weeds, their embodied medicinal nutrition, the intelligence that was once part of our human connection and how we can acquire that again today. Concepts discussed will be on re-learning this ancestral language while bridging the traditions of root healers and recent plant science data; plants bio-regional significance (epigenetics); our mutual relationships (xenohormesis); their aromatic benefits, healing sound frequencies; and, what a plant communicates … with us? Of course, the latter is only half true if we wait for the rest of the science to be confirmed. Do we wait? Or, do we simply attempt to attune to this possibility? Because in essence, we’ll all be healthier for it, land and body. Come listen and be informed and in the end, you be the judge. 


Saturday, April 22nd

1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Seekonk, MA
To Register: 508-399-7860
Fee: TBA soon

Spring Time Foraging Walk & Talk

Music of the Plants and Sacred Plant Meta-Formations
Walk with Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, R.N., Herbalist, & Wild Foods Forager at the farm, for an in depth early season outdoor weed discovery learning skills and techniques to harvest dense, nutritionals to superior medicinals of the Northeast. This field experiential is as potent as the hands-on immersion segment of plant generated music and their sacred harmonic-formations. NOTE: the latter is making its debut for its’ first time this year at Seven Arrows Farm. Acquire skills that develop human-plant mutual frequencies. The scientific data is starting to confirm what root healers have always known about plants. Come find out what, as well as hear and take a glimpse of the mysterious generative forces of plants. It’s an honor for me to share this with you. All participants receive electronic handouts, recipes, and plant harmonic meta-formations to continue to share the connections we make this day.

Tuesday, May 9th, 6:30-9:30
Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ
An evening of Music of the Plants with Shama Viola from
the Federation of Damanhur, Sophia Argyis and Marguerite Uhlmann-Bowe

Saturday June 17, 1:00-5:00
Gold Petals, Cooperstown, NY
Summer Solstice Plant Walk & Music Meditation
Details: TBA


Sunday, June 25th
Whole Village
Toronto, Canada

2:00 to 4:30 Guided Walk
Fee: $25.00 / person

7:00 to 9:00 Evening Presentation
Fee: $25.00 / person
Fee: Both Venues - $40.00 / person
If taking both, there is a shared pot luck meal from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.

To Register:
General Inquiries: or 416-839-2064

Human-Plant Dialogues
As a Plant Pioneer Ambassador (, Marguerite invites
us to enter the field of living organisms - awakening direct perception
in the eco-literacy of human-plant relationships. Emerging research
demonstrates plants have embodied cognition that was once part of our
human repertory - ancestrally encoded since the beginning of human
time. Experience a deep and subtle connection to the natural world, hear
its music and open your heart.

* Plant Identification
* Wildcrafting do's and don'ts
* Communication role of mushrooms
* Tree befriending
* Reciprocal human-plant relations

* Connection with plants on energetic level
* Music of the Plants
* Constitution and you
* Gut health and weeds


Wednesday July 12, 6:00–9:00

The Catskill Interpretive Center, 5096 Rt 28, Mt. Tremper
To Register: 845-586-2611

Medicines of the Earth
A walk & talk. Tune in to woodland reciprocity with woody plants,
hands-on guided reflections with an evening completion of 4
types of wild food tastings. Recipes included. More to come about
this walk. Stay tuned.

Saturday, Aug. 12th, 1:00 to 5:00

West Kortright Center, East Meredith, NY
To Register: 607-278-5454

Foraging Walk & Talk Developing Forest Intelligence

Foraging techniques of weed & tree edibles; boosting your immune
system methods; creative segment with Music of the Plants in the
field – weather permitting.



Saturday, Aug. 25th to 27th,
Register with WHC -
Women’s Herbal Conference, Camp Wicosuta, New Hampshire

Sacred Plant Meta-formations
"Enter the energetic field that plants create; be transformed
through their mutual frequencies and sacred geometric meta-formations;
while we're in circle, be guided through healing plant patterns created
by both student & plant.


Saturday, Sept. 9, 1:-00-5:00

Platte Clove, 2504 Platte, Clove Rd, Rte 16, Elks Park, NY

Advanced Class: Developing Forest Intelligence
This workshop maintains the explorative edible foraging walk &
talk with the educational segment focusing on developing a forest
language, using music of the plants technology as the bridge.


Friday-Sunday, Sept. 15, 16, 17
Women’s Wellness Retreat for Nurses, Care Givers
       and other health care providers.
Details to be announced
Hawk Circle, Cherry Valley, NY

European Pilgrimage - Oct. 5th to Oct. 30th
A personal pilgrimage to Italy, Spain and France to interview plant
neuro-biologists and bring back first hand information via flim for all to witness.